Deloy Nelson Take a moment today and reflect upon your time as a part of the organization. Bring to mind the benefits you have received, the friends you made, the improvements in your life. Today marks the 65th Birthday of GPD. Be thankful. If you think about, be present sometime and just say hi.17.04.2017 at 01:47 pmLike
Deloy Nelson If you're in the area tonight, we are having our Installation of Officers at 7:00. Come on by and show some support for these men if you can.20.03.2017 at 12:59 pmLike
Deloy Nelson Hey all, the chapter will be having their installation of officers on Monday, March 20 at 7:30 at TBH. It would be great if any of you who still live somewhat locally can drop in and support the guys with your presence. Hope to see some of y'all.09.03.2017 at 08:33 pmLike
Deloy Nelson On March 7, 2017, Grand Prairie Chapter received a proclamation from the City of Grand Prairie declaring March to be DeMolay month in the City of Grand Prairie. Attending and receiving the proclamation were members, Mark Atkins, Nick Leal and Nathan Saenz. Pictured with them are Senior DeMolays and active members of the Legion of Honor Mayor Ron Jensen, Councilmember Greg Giessner and Councilmember Jim Swafford, and Honorary Legion of Honor Councilmember Tony Shotwell.

How great that our Order is not only recognized and supported by the City, but has also produced three of the members of the City Council!

DeMolay - Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today!
08.03.2017 at 03:44 pmLike
Deloy Nelson Pay attention! On March 7, the GP City Council will be issuing a proclamation to GPD declaring March to be DeMolay month in GP. City Council meeting starts at 6:30. Try to come by for 15 minutes or so and see the guys get honored with this. You are a part of this thing. It's lifetime, remember? Sort of like the mafia - once you're in, you can't get out...

Hope to see some of you at the council meeting on March 7.
02.03.2017 at 07:57 pmLike